Quarter-Life Crisis

This summer, I’ve done a lot of thinking.

I recently returned from a semester abroad. It was the most amazing, experience of my life, and I treasure it completely. I studied in England, in Canterbury, Kent and was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit throughout the UK and Europe.

Before this trip, I was frightened of change. Terrified, even to the extent where I almost didn’t apply to the program, for fear of missing out on the things that I would be leaving behind. Friends, school, opportunities. I worried endlessly about not being able to catch up on the things that I would be missing.

And I was scared of the real world. I was afraid of leaving the only thing I’d ever known – the academic world. So it was natural that my main goal had to do with staying in the academic world, that quasi-reality in which it’s easy to forget about non-academic responsibilities, and even easier to forget that you’re growing up.

But something strange happened while I was abroad. I backpacked through Europe with only one friend. And we did great. Nothing was lost or stolen, we managed our emergencies well enough, and we made it home, exhausted, but accomplished.

And suddenly I’m not afraid of the real world anymore. I don’t want to be in school for another five years. I already have senior-itis, and I haven’t even officially begun my senior year. I want to live in the real world. I want to live in a big city, and have a job to go to every morning, wearing a skirt and high heeled shoes. I want to have office friends and a desk and to bond with co-workers about our busy-schedules and the high expectations of our boss.

I do want that life, though for a long time I’ve been too scared to reach for it.

So here’s where I try and figure out how to go from being a grad-school track Psychology major to a career-track, future HBIC. I’ll land that dream job, even if I’m not positive what that dream job is, just yet.

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