I think it’s possible that I’m a narcissist. For what other reason would I be sharing all of these rants and raves and personal anxieties with whoever chooses to read them? Why would I want strangers or acquaintances to know that I’m both scared and excited to graduate? That no matter how hard I try, I can’t stop being sad in advance?

Of course, there are some (a very few) people who read this blog occasionally and who deserve to or want to know the things I say. Or at least I tell myself that there are. There are certainly people who I want to read it. In many entries, I’m writing with these specific people in mind.

A blog is a nice way to send out your thoughts, and never know if the person you meant them for received them, but still feel comforted by the effort. Even if you don’t read it today or tomorrow. Even if you never do, at least the things I wanted to say were sent out in to the cosmos. The interwebz.

If you think I get personal on this blog, well damn, you should see my actual journal… Not to worry though, you never will.


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