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I’m just missing you…

I wanted my first real post-move-in blog to be full of touristy tid-bits, stories of my adventures and general proof that I’m doing okay. But it’s 1:30 am, I can’t sleep, and I’m lonely.

I think it’s safe to say that my regeneration is complete. It took almost six weeks, but the fact that I’m starting work on Monday signals that the actual transformation is complete. I’ve been in Arlington for over two weeks now, as insane as that is to believe.

For the most part, I’ve had a good time. I’ve wandered and explored and gone to see some pretty nifty things, and eaten at some pretty nifty restaurants. But I miss my friends.

Today I went to a café and sat alone with a book, as has been my habit the past two weeks. I like to watch people and eavesdrop on them, and sometimes I’ll even talk to people myself. The café I went to today was different than the others, or maybe it was me that was different. Usually I go in, and there are a few people sitting in small groups, but plenty of other people sitting alone. This café was full of people in pairs or groups, and whenever anyone new came in, someone in the place knew them, said “Hi! How are you?”, chatted with them.

I was the only one there alone, and I can not remember the last time I was so jealous. Throughout the afternoon, everywhere I went I saw happy people celebrating the weekend with their friends.

I miss having friends nearby. I miss talking to people. I like my roommate a lot, and we get along well, but I miss the comfort of talking to someone you’ve known for years. I miss laughing at inside jokes and gossiping. I’ve met people, and spoken to people, but no one that I’ll see again. Today I was actually tempted to go in to the Apple Store to see if any of the people who helped me before were there.. just to see a familiar face.

I know that I’ll get through this bout of… well I wouldn’t quite call it homesickness, but it’s something similar. I know that it will eventually pass, and hopefully I will eventually make friends, or at least meet people to go to happy hours with.

But for now, I’m lonely, I miss my friends, and I need a hug.

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